Hurt you wallet. You just work at a community bank, assisting clients get good loans and save yourself due to their future.

You work on a residential district bank, assisting clients get good loans and conserve because of their future. Mr. Boar and their clerks from the payday lender have actually infiltrated your bank! They wish to take over and benefit from making bad loans to naive customers. Rally the troops to cease them! Defeat Mr. Boar along with his minions that are blue regain the financial institution!

Create your cost cost savings and manage debt to truly save your bank!

Or, you’ll lose to Mr. Boar’s Pay Day Loan company and also have to exert effort for him!


Create your cost cost savings and manage debt to save lots of your bank!

Or, you will lose to Mr. Boar’s cash advance company and have now to exert effort for him!

Activate Your Pigs!

Simply Simply Click on the red pig and make use of the green squares to go.

Attack and Earn!

Simply Click any red square hitting your opponent and money that is earn. Be careful, you go into debt if you get hit.

Pay Your Financial Troubles!

Simply Simply Simply Click produce a re payment to cover straight down the debt. $100,000 with debt and also you lose!

Buy New Pigs!

If all of your pigs break, you lose! Don’t be concerned, you can aquire pigs that are new the shop!

Purchase Hammers!

More hammers that are expensive stronger. But view just how much you may spend!

Defeat Mr. Boar!

Use all of the smarts and tools you have got! Avoid being afraid to get into financial obligation to obtain a hammer that is great simply repay quickly!

Winning and Losing

Take Turns Fighting to save lots of the financial institution

On your own change you are able to do one of several after:

Go and Attack!

choose a red pig and go it to a single of this green areas highlighted round the pig. Once you move, certainly one of Mr Boar’s blue pigs will go. Each time a blue pig is near enough to strike, its room is highlighted in red. Click on a space that is red attack that pig. The blue pigs will take a turn after you make an action.

Each and every time your attack or move interest is put into your cost cost savings along with your financial obligation! Break all of the blue pigs to make it to the level that is next.

Purchase Brand Brand Brand New Items!

Select SHOP to purchase new pigs or hammers.

You can also purchase material you cannot manage! You will just get into financial obligation therefore make sure to repay quickly! Decide to try beginning with a decent hammer then make an effort to spend back the debt immediately.

Purchase Brand New Hammers

It is possible to update your hammer to help make better assaults and make better money. Pick a pig on the team and then click the SHOP button then click a hammer switch to equip the present pig with that hammer.

investing in a hammer that is new heals that pig!

Purchase Brand New Pigs

You’ll boost your group and purchase more pigs. Click the SHOP switch after which a pig that is pink include that pig to your group.

Make sure to obtain a pig that is new you are right down to only one pig left!

cost Savings and Debt

Each hit shall boost your savings, but be mindful — getting hit by blue pigs will enhance your financial troubles!

Click on the ‘Make a repayment’ key near the top of the display to cover your debt down.

In the event that you have $100,000 with debt it is game over! Unpaid financial obligation can very quickly move out of control so take a move to spend your financial troubles every few turns. If you stall a lot of without attacking you can lose your cost savings rate of interest! Your savings interest can move up in the event that you keep a debt that is good credit ratio!

Collect Coins

Each time a pig breaks it will keep coins on the floor. Relocate to the coins to increase your savings. Picking right up coins will restore your pig also’s health!

Defeat Mr. Boar!

Defeat Mr. Boar to regain the financial institution! Your savings that are total the debt will probably be your last rating. Save your valuable score from the score that is high and attempt once again! Make every effort to spend your debt down and just purchase what you should get the maximum benefit points feasible.

Recommendations & Strategy

Make sure to utilize the make re re re payment key!

Make sure to utilize the shop to update, plus don’t forget to begin with a few financial obligation!

Decide to try purchasing a lightning hammer to begin then you will need to repay it soon.

Lighting hammers can target pigs that are blue areas away!

Attempt to break the greatest danger first, if you notice blue pig by having a illumination hammer make an effort to break it or escape range!

If you are near to a blue pig and low on health, move onto some coins or purchase a brand new hammer to completely heal!

In the event that you just have actually one pig left and may be assaulted next change be certain to get a brand new pig!

Keep in mind that lightning hammers can break classic pigs in one hit! Gold and and diamond hammers can break iron pigs within one hit! absolutely Nothing can break a diamond or gold pig in one single hit!


Every pig starts by having a rock hammer.

Make per hit: $150

Fire hammers also hit all enemy pigs beside the target!

Earn per hit: $200

Lightning hammers target a pig as much as one area away!

Be mindful of blue pigs with lightning hammers!

Gold hammers hit all enemy that is adjacent!

Earn per hit: $450

Lightning hammers target a pig as much as one area away!

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