About Japan’s Four periods. Japan has four seasons: springtime, summer, autumn and winter months.

The aesthetic changes in nature particularly cherry flowers in spring or purple and yellowish dried leaves in autumn are included in Japan’s charm. Let us discover seasonal changes certain to Japan.

The four periods in Japan

In Japan, 12 months is divided in to four durations. The period from March to May is actually spring, Summer to August try summertime, Sep to November are autumn, and December to March try wintertime. With respect to the season, the temperature and climate vary dramatically.


The cold elements gets much less serious in addition to atmosphere gradually turns out to be hotter. Spring was a comfortable month. Even though it could incorporate stronger winds, it is the top time for traveling.

Events in spring season

The symbolic scenery of springtime in Japan is, the point is, cherry blossoms.

Cherry blossom looking at events can be held at a lot of spots fabled for their particular cherry flowers. The greatest time for looking at cherry blossoms in Tokyo is generally from belated March to very early April.


Through the end of Summer to the middle of July, it typically rains and gets cold as the heat temporarily falls. This era is called baiu or tsuyu, meaning the rainy season. Whenever rainy month has ended, that time frame is known as baiu-ake or tsuyu-ake. Following rainy month is over, the temperature jumps up and full-fledged summer time arrives. Sunshine gets deep.

Temperatures surf in Japan

Not only can there be intensive sun and highest conditions, but highest moisture can be characteristic of summer in Japan. If you think about traveling in Japan with this season, you need to be prepared for Japan’s serious summertime and protect your self from the summer time heating.

Happenings in summer

When considering summer events in Japan, summertime celebrations and fireworks become common. From July to August, summertime festivals are held across Japan, where anyone carrying a mikoshi (a portable shrine) to their shoulders parade through an urban area. At coastlines and riverbanks, fireworks concerts take place, in which aerial fireworks are illuminated and shade the night time sky brilliantly.

The Autumn Months

Heat will get much less extreme and temperatures falls. The atmosphere will get drier, however it is a cushty month. Comparable to cherry blossoms in spring season, fall colors furthermore draw in lots of travelers. Sites well-known for their particular the autumn months departs including Kyoto, Nara or Nikko become congested with many website visitors getting them.

Occasions in fall

In November in Tokyo, foliage of deciduous woods change purple or yellowish and you can take pleasure in autumn leaves within the mountains and along side roads. In addition, numerous social events are held during this period.


In December, the temperature falls many you’re feeling chilled.

Through the end of December, the chill becomes more serious and from January to March, it is far from unusual for temperatures to drop below zero. During the Hokuriku, Tohoku and Hokkaido segments, snowfall builds up. They occasionally snows seriously even in Tokyo, depending on the year.

Happenings in winter months

December 31st is named Omisoka, which means New Year’s Eve. There is certainly a custom of eating noodles at nighttime thereon time. The three weeks following the new-year starts tend to be jointly known as ‘shogatsu.’ Individuals have Japanese New Year’s food labeled as Osechi-ryori and take in sake to celebrate the fresh new Year.

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